Why HotRun

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Why HotRun


The Right Fit Is GUARANTEED!

  • We know that today's highly mobile work force makes the need for our in-depth and personal methods essential to a company's hiring and keeping the best people.
  • We know that getting and keeping the best people relates directly to both the candidate's and company's continued growth and prosperity.
  • Our highly-targeted approach is much more efficient and convenient for both candidate and company.
  • We far outperform cumbersome and non-specific job boards and merely traditional recruiters for a "painless" search for both candidate and company.

HotRun Inc.

“ HotRun understands our culture, and they don’t waist our time just running “warm bodies” through our interview process in the hopes that someone sticks.  It’s as simple as that really. In my opinion, we have some of the best people in our industry, and for that, we can thank HotRun” 

Mike D.  COO of Global Blow Molder 

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There are many ways to always stay connected with HotRun to ensure that you are up to date with industry jobs, company changes and the best candidates entering the work place. 

  Connect with us and follow us via Twitter.   Job Seekers get immediate new job posting updates and industry news. Companies get the best candidates ready to start working for your organization. 

 Connect with us via Linkedin.  Use our network of thousands of contacts to get back in touch  with your former colleagues, job contacts and company research. 

 If you are a facebook user you can read our blog, view job postings, connect to industry links and friends of HotRun. 

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