Subj: Exciting Hotrun Offering

Dear Valued Customer,

In our effort to better assist you in filling a potential problematic mid to high level job vacancy, and to ensure for a smooth transition of that new candidate, I am pleased to announce that Hotrun will begin collaborating with Mike DeFazio, ex-COO of Alpha Packaging.

Our offering is simple and cost effective. If you have a Plant Manager or above position where you would like to make a change, or if dealing with a resignation situation, and you do not have someone internally capable of stepping up and filling in temporarily, Hotrun will insert Mike into that situation. Mike will then do the following:

1. Stabilize the situation (if required) as fast as possible

2. Help your Corporate staff develop an action plan (if required) to help move  the facility forward

3. Help identify the potential knowledge, skills and abilities required of that position (if required)

4. Help identify and recruit potential candidates with Hotrun

5. Interview and select the best (3) candidates for your Corporate staff to interview

As a bit of history, Mike rejoined Alpha Packaging in 2001, and remained there until 2011. In 2001, Alpha was a single-Plant, $18MM (revenue) company. When he departed, Alpha had (10) facilities and almost $190MM in sales. He was solely responsible for building the operational architecture of the company, and helped Alpha through two liquidity events (2005 & 2010). Prior to Alpha, Mike worked in various senior management positions for Johnson Controls, Continental PET and Owens Illinois. He has run EBM, IBM, IM & ISBM domestic & overseas facilities.

Mike initially engaged Hotrun in 2002, and he used our services exclusively until 2011. It wasn’t long before we possessed a symbiotic relationship where Hotrun knew exactly what type candidates Mike was looking for. And I can honestly say, in recruiting 100% of all the operational candidates for all Alpha facilities from 2002 to 2011, we only had (1) new hire that didn’t work out as anticipated.

Re: cost, Hotrun recruiting fee’s remain the same, but for Mike’s cost, we will only charge our customers the same amount you were paying the departing employee, so net-net, there are no additional costs other than normal travel type expenses. And in that case, this slight additional cost would be certainly offset by having a new set of expert eyes review or stabilize the situation.

That said, Hotrun now looks forward to helping our customers in more ways than just providing you with vacancy candidates.

Please contact Jason Urban for more details 866-646-8786 x19 or jurban@hotrun.net

“FYI – been working with HotRun and Jason Urban since last summer and have been tied closely to him (meaning only external recruiter that I have used to place Steering Team Managers and associates for our start-up). In general, he is the best that I have had experience with.”

June V
Regional HR Director, Global Packaging Company